Fretboard Journal 36: What’s Inside


In the 36th issue of the Fretboard Journal we chase down some of the brightest lights in our little fretted universe, including music heroes, icons, lutherie greats and the occasional eccentric, including: A visit to session icon Bob Bain; backstage with guitar wizard Derek Trucks; the old world apprenticeship program of master builder Ervin Somogyi; a visit to luthier Nikos Apollonio’s Maine workshop; Nashville singer-songwriter Paul Burch; a complex (to say the least) guitar homage to Linda Manzer via builder David Berkowitz and much more. As always, the Journal weighs in at 128 pages and its keepsake pages are filled with exclusive photographs and in-depth interviews you won’t find anywhere else.

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Adam Levy sat down with legendary Wrecking Crew guitarist Bob Bain for a conversation covering everything from Telecasters to “Moon River.”



Missed the Summit? Jason Verlinde introduces this photo essay capturing some of the more memorable moments from that amazing weekend.



In a world full of re-issues, Seth Roberts aims for the road less taken as he tells us the story of how Trevor Healy recreated a 100-year-old Bay State guitar for him.


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