For over 15 years, the focus of the Fretboard Journal has been on great storytelling and gorgeous photography. To that end, we’re always on the lookout for talented new writers, photographers, and videographers.

Our favorite stories are fresh, offer unique perspectives and showcase the human element of musicians and lutherie. Whether it’s an oral history of a famous venue or an in-depth interview with a lutherie at the top of his or her game, we strive to have unique content that readers can’t find anywhere else. And we love it all: Acoustic and electric.

If you’re a photographer or writer (or videographer) with a unique perspective on music and instruments, or just a great story idea, we hope you’ll drop us a line. Email jason@fretboardjouranl.com and introduce yourself.

Our contributors include music historians, world-famous musicians, luthiers, acclaimed photographers, and, yes, many of our readers. We pay for all features in the magazine and online though we’re pretty selective about what we run. Let’s talk.