Fretboard Journal 48: What’s Inside

“I’m so of the ‘Fretboard Journal’ generation, I’m fascinated by the intersection between, like, ‘Fender electric guitar sound’ and this kind of quintessential sonic experience…it’s not about anything other than, like, that good feeling that you feel when you hear something and how that aids the communicative properties of the music.” -Julian Lage, FJ #48

Issue 48 of the Fretboard Journal  is here! Our latest issue is another deep dive into the wild and wonderful world of fretted instruments, featuring a few of the finest players, innovative builders and fascinating instruments we’ve ever encountered. Dave Olson takes a look at the vagaries of tone woods, while Rachel Rosencrantz delves into her imagination to find their replacements. The usual and the unusual cross paths in profiles and conversations with Chris Thile, Julian Lage and Andrew York; Michael John Simmons returns to our pages with the story of a fascinating Martin and, of course, there’s more of the much, much more you can always expect…

As always, Issue 48 features 128 pages of the stunning photography and clean layouts that are the Fretboard Journal‘s trademark. You can subscribe to our reader-supported magazine in keepsake print form or as a new digital subscription.


“One of my favorite hobbies is helping A+ guitarists find A+ instruments, so I’m really happy Bob has Frankie.” — Dave Drake

Bob Minner shares the “good guitar story” behind his 1936 Martin D-18.


Now for the first time, we can accurately quantify the relevant acoustic properties of the soundboard and bracing, and thus grade tonewood by the criteria that will allow the optimal tonal quality.” 

Dave Olson shares the story of the science behind Pacific Rim Tonewoods’ cutting-edge technology.


“Every time he makes a suggestion, you know it’s gonna be good, worthwhile and musical.” — Dan Auerbach on session great Billy Sanford

The un-retirement of the legendary Nashville session guitarist Billy Sanford is fodder for our first story from writer/guitarist Nick Millevoi.


I have this obsession, and this obsession is about the guitar as a lead voice, and the difference between being expressive as a guitar player, and being communicative as a guitar player.” — Julian Lage

Our cover story is a deep discussion with FJ friend and favorite, Julian Lage, that dips into everything from Jerry Garcia to pandemic projects like his new signature model from Collings and his new album, Squint.

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