Fretboard Journal 31: What’s Inside


Once again, the FJ does its part to cram the world’s most interesting guitar tales into 128 pages. In our 31st issue, Adam Levy catches up with legendary Southern California luthier Danny Ferrington. The early-‘90s coffee table book on Ferrington fed the obsessions of a generation of guitar collectors and builders, but what is he up to these days? As Levy discovers, he’s still at it and building fretted instruments of all stripes for players in the know. Brian K. Saunders sits down with jazz great Bucky Pizzarelli for an impromptu lesson on essential jazz standards in “The Bucky List.” Peter C. Howorth writes about the history of early Washburn and Lyon & Healy instruments. Brian Fisher talks to singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, the poet/singer/songwriter/artist who can make art guitars that are as arresting as his music. And Candace Horgan interviews and photographs Colorado luthier Greg German, who left a career as a medical illustrator to create exquisite, forward-thinking guitars. Plus a lot more…

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Fingerstyle virtuoso Pete Huttlinger recounts a career filled with twists, turns and medical scares, including stints with John Denver and his latest album, McGuire’s Landing. Check out this teaser online.



Philadelphia’s Fred Oster is one of the stringed instrument world’s most respected experts. He can often be seen on PBS’ Antiques Roadshow and he’s one of a few individuals who is turned to for appraisals on both multi-million dollar Stradivarius violins and rare guitars and banjos. Andy Volk takes a trip to Oster’s Vintage Instruments headquarters, a gorgeous 19th century mansion that is equal parts guitar store and museum.


At the age of 88, Bucky Pizzarelli has seen it all. With that in mind, Brian K. Saunders asks the jazz legend for some quick advice on the tunes that every guitarist should master. The elder Pizzarelli walks us through a Fake Book 101 class.

Don’t forget to check out the FJ’s exclusive videos with Bucky here and here.


Danny Ferrington’s client list reads like a who’s who of music legends and Hollywood’s elite. He’s built guitars for Johnny Cash, Richard Thompson, Keith Richards and Ry Cooder (to name a few) and was celebrated in that awe-inspiring coffee table book in the 1990s. Writer Adam Levy spends time with Ferrington and discovers that the luthier is still at it, pushing the boundaries of acoustic and electric guitar construction from his workshop in Santa Monica. In this lengthy cover story, we get never-before-seen photos of Ferrington at work as well as some of his wildest recent creations.


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