Way Back When in ’67: Photographs from a 1967 Martin Completist

In 2016, guitarist Brannon Gilliam wanted to commemorate his forthcoming 50th birthday with a little gift to himself, a “birth year” 1967 Martin D-18. Soon thereafter, he tracked a nice one down at Lowe Vintage in Burlington, North Carolina.

But Guitar Acquisition Syndrome is a funny thing. One is seldom enough. As Brannon documents in our 51st issue, after pondering his D-18 purchase, he started thinking about those other Martins from ’67. Looking at production models and catalogs, he learned that the venerable Nazareth company turned out 29 instruments and one solid-state amp that same year. Some were built by the thousands, others (a Martin 12-string electric, anyone?) would require some real sleuthing to track down. You know where this is headed…

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When he turned the story in, there were so many great shots from his collection (all expertly done by photog Donnie Roberts) that we’re running some additional highlights here for our readers. Enjoy.

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