Acoustic Voices: Nicholas Weber (Guitar Tonewoods)

What is a sustainable tonewood? What does FSC-certified actually mean? What is the current situation with wood being harvested from tropical forests? On today’s Acoustic Voices Podcast, we learn the answers to those questions and a lot more from Nicholas Weber, the founder of Guitar Tonewoods.

Weber has spent decades working with forest managers and guitar companies, sourcing far-flung woods that will eventually show up on instruments. Today Guitar Tonewoods specializes in FSC-certified-only woods (including mahogany, ebony, cedar and rosewoods), all harvested selectively from sustainable forests.

From GT’s headquarters in Spain, Weber walks us through what these tropical forests are like today, how they are managed, and how technology plays a vital role in making sure they will be around for the next generations. It’s a fascinating chat for anyone who wonders about the materials that go into their guitars.

Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast is an all-new collaboration between Breedlove Guitars and the Fretboard Journal magazine. We hope you enjoy it. Our music is by Luke Basile.