Acoustic Voices: The Native Heart Band and Conner Cherland

Ingenuity. We love it in our guitars and in our musicians. For this episode, we talk to a pair of artists who may not be on your radar yet, but will be soon: the Native Heart’s Jon Torrance is a fanatical music educator and musician based in Michigan. He relishes the new, whether it’s genres, covers, or skills like video editing. We then check in with Santa Barbara, California singer-songwriter Conner Cherland, a young artist with a knack for writing songs… a lot of songs. He talks about his unique and prolific creative process (“When you’re failing constantly, you want to get better quickly”), his favorite Breedlove guitars and a lot more.


Above photo: Conner Cherland

Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast is an all-new collaboration between Breedlove Guitars and the Fretboard Journal magazine. We hope you enjoy it.