Acoustic Voices: Myrtlewood

As interest in domestic guitar woods reaches an all-time high, we talk to Oregon-based Cyril Jacob, who handpicks the unique Oregon myrtlewood that Breedlove Guitars uses for their instruments. Every day, Jacob is on a virtual scavenger hunt: traveling through the Pacific Northwest sourcing fallen trees and trees that have reached the end of their life cycle.

Besides being local to Breedlove, myrtlewood has some unique traits making it near-perfect for instrument making: a wide range of colors and arguably the most uniform cellular structure of any wood on the planet.

For our third episode of Acoustic Voices, we talk to Jacob about his daily routine sourcing wood up and down the Oregon coast. We also chat to Washington-based musician Luke Basile. In addition to being a stellar guitarist, Basile is also lead engineer at Rainmaker Studios. He helps explain some of myrtlewood’s strengths and describes his rather incredible Breedlove collection.

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