Acoustic Voices: Guitarist Chris Arndt (Jocelyn and Chris)

Guitarist Chris Arndt is a throwback of sorts: An early obsession with classic rock had him sitting in with bar bands while he was still in elementary school. Today, he’s one-half of the brother-sister duo, Jocelyn and Chris. With a few stellar albums already under their belt, they’re navigating the music industry in a thoroughly unique way.

For our second episode of Acoustic Voices, Chris talks to us from his home in upstate New York. We chat about the influences they had growing up, the live stream concerts he and his sister have produced during the pandemic, his current music obsessions and more. Of course, we also talk guitars. Plus: Michael Eck walks us through the history of the dreadnought and gives us an overview of Breedlove’s new Organic Collection.

Music courtesy of Luke Basile, played on a Breedlove Oregon Concertina guitar.

Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast is an all-new collaboration between Breedlove Guitars and the Fretboard Journal magazine. We hope you enjoy it.