The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 72

It’s the 72nd installment of the Truth About Vintage Amps, featuring complicated Magnatones, B+ voltage talk and cheap regional beers. As always, tech Skip Simmons is here for you, fielding your questions on all-things-tube-amp and more.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars.

Some of the topics discussed this week:

2:46 Sam Plecker from Pulga (check out Sam’s EP here)

4:51 Skip’s music recommendations: Jim Hall & Paul Desmond; Chuck Wayne; Kenny Burrell; Luiz Bonfa; Phil Baugh; Pat Martino

8:24 Skip’s Red Foley Guitar, a Vox book giveaway

16:06 Analog Outfitters, redux

17:11 Funky tremolo on a 6SL7 Ampeg Rocket

23:44 Vingtor amps, Part Fire (that’s “four” in Norweigan); East German PAs

27:45 What does the cathode follower do?

31:20 Magnatone 480 reverb fix , NPN transistors (thanks Chris at guitaramptech.com.au)

34:40 Premier 100R; Vega and Ampex amps

37:12 RIP Ned Beatty, Fat (not Short) Monroe

37:38 The magic of Kalamazoo Model 2’s, Fender-style inputs

41:37 A 1970 Traynor YGM-3 with howling reverb

47:01 Why the plus in B+ voltages

50:35 Recommended reading: Allen Furst’s Night Soldiers

51:50 Skip needs an horologist

53:20 WD-40, again; moisture on a Mesa Boogie PCB board

1:00:39 The Oroville McDonalds

1:03:11 A Yamaha EM-100 mixer (free), a Remington Model Five, California Typewriter

1:07:08 An in-person taping of TAVA? Jason heads to California; the Crumb Brothers from Reno

1:10:21 Booze talk: Leblon Cachaca from Brazil; caipirinhas

1:13:17 Recommended replacements for Astron caps; Mallory 150s; regional cheap beers

1:17:23 Josh Yenne’s extended family?

Co-hosted by the Fretboard Journal’s Jason Verlinde.

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Above: Acmeverb.com’s Bogen Challenger conversion, as discussed on the TAVA Patreon page. 

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