Jake Eddy’s 1951 Martin D-18

June 2023


The story behind our 52nd issue’s cover: Bluegrass phenom Jake Eddy walks us through one of his favorite guitars, a 1951 Martin D-18.

As is clear to anyone who has seen it up-close, Jake Eddy doesn’t baby his instruments. The pick wear on this guitar is nearly all his (it looks like a lefty may have owned it, but that’s from Jake’s feverish rhythm playing).

Like a gun slinger, he’s also gouged a few notches into the side…specifically, one for each Opry appearance he’s had to date.

This guitar graces the cover of the Fretboard Journal‘s 52nd issue, now mailing. Jake will also be appearing at our 2023 Fretboard Summit in Chicago, August 24-26.

For the completists out there, here’s Jake playing “Soppin’ the Gravy” without the guitar rundown…