Fretboard Journal Live: Bill Frisell & John Pizzarelli

What happens when two of the jazz world’s most important artists get together for the first time? We find out on the latest installment of Fretboard Journal Live!

Bill Frisell and John Pizzarelli are not strangers to our magazine or our websites. Over the years, we’ve done feature articles and numerous videos with these legendary guitarists. This video captures the first time ever that these two musicians played guitars together. They also field questions from both our readers and FJ publisher Jason Verlinde.

Most importantly, Pizzarelli and Frisell duet on “Honeysuckle Rose,” “Days of Wine and Roses”and “All the Things You Are.” Frisell plays his Gibson ES-175 through a Gibson EH-150 amplifier while Pizzarelli plays his Moll 7-string archtop through a Carr Sportsman amplifier.

This show originally aired live on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 2:45 p.m. (PDT) / 5:45 pm (EDT). Huge thanks to everyone who tuned in while it was happening.

Special thanks to Martin Guitar for sponsoring the Fretboard Journal Live series.

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