Ian Moore (with Jon Rauhouse) – “Abilene”

Ian Moore is a musical chameleon of sorts: Though record labels tried to peg him as “the next Stevie Ray Vaughan” in the early ‘90s, over the years Moore has graciously moved from blues rock to folk to power pop and more… often in the same evening.

Though he still spends plenty of time in Texas, Moore now lives on Vashon Island in Washington. During this Fretboard Journal session, Moore performs “Abilene,” a tune from his 2004 album Luminaria. He’s playing his 1974 Martin D-28. “I bought it for $400 a number of years ago,” Moore says. “Its been broken by every major airline, I’ve written almost all my songs on it. I recently had it extensively rebuilt by [Austin luthier] Bill Giebitz, and paid four times the money I bought it for to have it playable again!”

In addition to his music career, readers may remember that in issue 26, Moore interviewed fellow Texan Billy Gibbons for The Fretboard Journal.

On this track, Moore is backed by pedal steel guitarist Jon Rauhouse, who is best known for playing with Neko Case and Billy Bob Thornton. He also provides the intro music to every Fretboard Journal podcast.