Podcast 455: John Leventhal

Six-time Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer John Leventhal joins us this week to talk about Rumble Strip, his long-awaited debut solo album (out now)!

John tells us why, after five decades in the music business, he decided to make a solo album. We chat about his writing process, the home studio he and partner Rosanne Cash have in NYC, the gear that he used on the album, his favorite microphones, and his go-to acoustic tuning (CGDGBE).

Also discussed are the influence of Ry Cooder on his playing; the magic found in old Gibson flattops (and ’60s Guilds); and why John tries to ignore industry trends when he’s working as a producer. Finally, we talk about a very special feature in the Fretboard Journal‘s 54th issue on a Martin that belonged to John’s father-in-law, Johnny Cash.

Rumble Strip can be streamed now in all the usual places or visit  https://www.rumblestriprecords.net/

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Above photo: Josh Wool