Podcast 456: Scott Ballew

Scott Ballew is an Austin, Texas-based filmmaker and musician. For years, he’s directed unforgettable videos and documentaries for Yeti and others. In 2020, he decided to take up songwriting. Just a year later, he released his first album.

This week, Ballew releases Rio Bravo, his third album. It’s an exceptional work that somehow combines Ballew’s affinity for Townes Van Zandt and other Austin legends with his love for reverb-drenched Ennio Morricone soundtracks. We love it.

During our chat, Scott tells us about his unlikely journey from football star to director to songwriter and about how filmmaking has shaped his music output. We also talk about the making of Rio Bravo, Scott’s growing guitar collection, the time he spent with Townes Van Zandt’s Gibson, and how – thanks to Pearl Jam – he ended up playing football for the University of Washington.

Scott’s site: https://www.leisurerodeo.com

Recommended Watching

Can You Hear Me Smiling: A short doc on Scott Ballew’s songwriting (YouTube)

My Old Man | No. 4 – Anchor Point: Scott’s Yeti doc featuring JT Van Zandt (YouTube)

Leisure Rodeo: A Short Film by Scott Ballew (YouTube)

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Above photo: Bryan Schutmaat