The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 3

Welcome to the third episode of the Truth About Recording & Mixing, hosted by Crackle & Pop!’s Johnny Sangster. This week, we’re diving deep into the recording drums, capturing audio on a tight budget and more with Seattle’s Eric Eagle.

Some of the topics discussed on this episode:
1:23 Listener feedback, phase versus polarity, kick drum mic’ing
9:30 Ensuring your system maintains proper polarity; Galaxy Audio Cricket – Polarity and Continuity tester
10:56 Mixing in mono, redux
13:57: Special guest: Eric Eagle
14:49 Recording audio books
16:44 Skoor Sound, recording drums in a small room
23:08 UA’s Ocean Way plug-in
24:38 Pre-delaying room mics
25:25 Eric’s favorite drum mics: Microtec Geffel UM70, Coles 4038, etc.
28:45 Compressors and pre-amps on a budget: FMR Audio RNC/RNP, DIY kits (Hairball Audio 1176, Hairball Audio Lola, Chameleon Labs 7603)
36:53 Chicken or the egg: Invest in a good mic or a good mic pre-amp?
39:48 EQ’ing out an acoustic instrument’s normal sound for a better recording
44:35 Drum tuning
1:10:53 Snareweight dampeners
1:12:12 Paper towels, tea towels, pillow cases and other drum dampeners
1:16:17 Kick drum theories, Ahead Square Kick Drum beater
1:19:47 Ahead Square Kick Drum Beater
1:21:02 Kick drum heads

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