Luthier on Luthier: Ian Davlin (“Ian Hates Guitars”)

Ian Davlin, who goes by the online moniker “Ian Hates Guitars,” may have a complicated relationship with guitars, but he sure is good at fixing them. For episode 51 of Luthier on Luthier, Ian tells us about working for Breedlove Guitars and his eventful interview process at Nashville’s famous Gruhn Guitars, where he worked for many years.

Ian also tells us about the development of his heat stick neck removal tool and his popular finish touch up class he teaches at Dan Erlewine’s shop. These days, in addition to doing repairs, Ian runs a Patreon supported guitar repair group which has proved to be an invaluable source for excellent information on all aspects of the business.



This episode is sponsored by Dream Guitars and American Music Furniture.