Coming Soon: The Truth About Recording & Mixing Podcast

A few updates from Fretboard Journal HQ: In addition to our new, 47th issue, January 2021 will have a few surprises for fans of our magazine. Mainly, a trio of new podcasts.

First up is one we’re truly excited about. We’re taking the tried-and-true formula of the Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast (Apple Podcast link) and creating a show specifically on recording and mixing your music. As with the amp show, you submit the questions and topics that have been keeping you up at night and we answer them.

The Truth About Recording & Mixing (Apple Podcast link) will be hosted by Seattle’s own Johnny Sangster, the guy behind Crackle & Pop! recording studio. With each episode, he and a truly all-star lineup of audio engineering and mastering pros will field your questions on all-things-recording. As with the amp show, it’s going to be educational … and fun.

The podcast officially launches in mid-January, though we’ll be having Johnny on the FJ Podcast soon to talk about his vision for what awaits. In the meantime, send your questions as voice memos to podcast@fretboardjournal.com. We’re also seeking a handful of select sponsors for the show’s launch. Work for a brand? Reach out to us.

As with so many endeavors we pursue, this idea came to us directly from one of our readers, who was recording during the pandemic year and seeking help. We know he’s not the only one. So please keep the feedback and story (and podcast) ideas coming. And look for FJ 47 very soon… it’s a good one.