Podcast 425: Richard Smith

Richard Smith is unstoppable. The British fingerstyle guitarist has a grueling tour schedule, a busy Nashville studio that he recently adapted into a video studio, online music lessons, and probably a few projects that we don’t even know about. But, mostly, he’s got a lot of driving to do.

In June, Richard stopped by the Fretboard Journal in between concert stops for a loose, caffeine-fueled chat about life on the road, the music of Chet Atkins, keeping your chops up, the brilliance of the house concert circuit, and so much more. We also talk about David Schmidt’s piece in the Fretboard Journal #52 about learning “The Entertainer” thanks to Smith’s online lesson and why Richard’s goal is to be able to book 365 tour dates a year, but not play them.

We packed a lot into the hour before his parking meter was up. It’s a fun chat with one of the world’s best guitarists. You’ll love it.



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