Podcast 355: Sam Weber

Musician Sam Weber joins us this week to talk about the making of his new album, ‘Get Free.’ The Canadian-born songwriter and guitarist crafted the album along with his partner, musician Mallory Hauser, and Danny Austin-Manning. Recorded in a Hollywood apartment, the album is full of unique old and new gear, including Kalamazoo amps, a rubber-bridged guitar built by Reuben Cox, a Partscaster and more. It harkens to the sounds of Bahamas, Blake Mills, Adam Levy and other FJ favorites, but with its own unique spin.

During our chat, we talk about the making of the album, Weber’s quirky gear choices, the life of a Canadian musician, influences, and more.

Check out Weber’s ‘Get Free’ here. https://orcd.co/samweber-getfree

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Above photo: Jacob Boll