Podcast 131: Michael James Adams & the Guitar Store Panel at the 2016 Fretboard Summit

This week: A double-episode of sorts! First off, we talk to Michael James Adams (pictured below, aka puisheen on social media) about interviewing Nels Cline for our issue 37 cover story. Michael walks through the interview process, Nels’ gear selections and more. Around the 20 minute mark, we share another session from the 2016 Fretboard Summit, this one on the next generation of independent guitar stores and new trends in guitar retailing. On the panel: Adams (co-founder of Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar), Mark Stutman (Folkway Music), Reuben Cox (Old Style Guitar Shop), Will Lowe (Lowe Vintage) and Paul Heumiller (Dream Guitars). Topics covered: Using social media to sell guitars, finding your niche, how these stores find their inventory and lots more.

This episode is brought to you by another relatively new (and great) store, TR Crandall.

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