Podcast 356: Steve Poltz

“I’ve never quit. It gets better every year. I’m the most unjaded musician you’ll ever meet…” -Steve Poltz 

You’re going to love this hilarious and insightful chat with a true zen master of the music business, singer-songwriter Steve Poltz.

This is one of the wildest Fretboard Journal conversations we’ve ever had to date. Sit back and hear about Steve’s excellent new album, Stardust & Satellites, produced by Oliver Wood and Jano Rix of the Wood Brothers.

We also hear about Steve’s childhood encounter with Elvis, some truly wild gigs with the Rugburns, why you should never take that gig opening for Styx, why record sales don’t matter, the perils of cocaine (and elephants), and why Bob Taylor didn’t want Steve to take “Smokey Joe” (his now-cherished Taylor guitar). Poltz famously co-wrote “You Were Meant for Me” with Jewel, but he continues to co-write with some of our favorite artists, including Billy Strings, Molly Tuttle, Anthony da Costa, and Sierra Hull. We hear about all that… and more.

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Above photo: Michael Weintrob