Sweep the Floor, Ep. 2: Jeff Pensiero (Baldface Lodge)

In the winter, there are just two ways to get to Nelson, British Columbia’s Baldface Lodge… via helicopter or a very long, bumpy snowmobile ride. Yet, every year, hundreds of snowboarders and skiers make the trek for their vacation of a lifetime.

Baldface is one of many cat or heli-ski operations in North America, but what sets it apart is its place in snowboarding history, the terrain, the fun-loving lodge and the unique vibe set by its founder and owner, Jeff Pensiero. Going to Baldface is more than just a vacation, it’s joining a community of like-minded, fun snow lovers.

We first profiled Baldface in the Fretboard Journal #43. Beyond it’s amazing ski terrain, the lodge is filled with guitars… and the Foo Fighters even played a pivotal role in its early history.

On this week’s Sweep the Floor, we’re sharing an inspiring, candid and hilarious talk with Pensiero, a guy who literally built a lodge in the middle of nowhere. It’s a story about finding true love, overcoming obstacles, making something from scratch and some truly creative accounting.

Postscript: Jeff has expanded Baldface’s reach with the acquisition of a neighboring catski operation called Valhalla (now Valhalla Baldface). That terrain just hosted Red Bull’s Natural Selection snowboard competition, which you can watch on Red Bull TV starting March 21, 2021.

Sweep the Floor is a new podcast hosted by FJ publisher Jason Verlinde where we celebrate the stories behind the best makers in the world, including woodworkers, brewers, bootmakers, mechanics, designers and all points in-between. Some of them will have nothing to do with music… but all will be fascinating.

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Music: Paul Rigby

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Music: Paul Rigby