Watch: ArtisanSKIN – Tom Ellis Mandolins and Josh Luttrell

Late last year, photographer / filmmaker Travis Duncan took a $25,000 RED Gemini 5K camera down to master finisher Josh Luttrell’s shop. There, armed with the state-of-the-art camera body and plenty of great gear (see the rundown of his workflow and gear here), he captured Josh’s work on a soon-to-be-completed Tom Ellis mandolin.

The Fretboard Journal is proud to share, ArtisanSKIN, Ducan’s short film from his experiment. In it, you can watch Luttrell doing his finish magic on an Ellis Custom A-style mandolin. It’s a narration-free, behind-the scenes look at the making of a fretted instrument that, thanks to the camera’s technology and Duncan’s prodigious talents, is downright riveting. We hope you enjoy it.