Twelve Days of Fretboard: John Roderick

When selecting the artists in our Twelve Days of Fretboard series, we knew we had to have local singer-songwriter and Long Winters’ frontman John Roderick in the lineup. He’s been featured in the magazine before (he even appeared on one of our early podcasts); he writes insanely catchy songs; and, last but not least, he’s also not afraid to don a Santa suit when duty calls.

On this video, Roderick hilariously explains why he’ll probably never see the guitar of his dreams (a Gibson ES-350T) under the Christmas tree. He also performs the tune “The Week Between” from his album One Christmas at a Time with Jonathan Coulton. All this and a camel, too. (Special thanks to Seattle’s Swanson’s Nursery for letting us do our video shoot at their lovely facilities.)

Roderick is playing his six-string Mya-Moe ukulele, which you can read about here.

Sadly, Roderick hasn’t released a new Long Winters album in over six years, but you can still track his whereabouts via his very lively Twitter feed and his addictive podcast, Roderick on the Line.