#FJFest: TunaTone Guitars

For our latest #FJFest entry, we head on up to Edmonton, Alberta where Leila Seidi of TunaTone Instruments lets us see the shop she shares with Dion Guitars and Turley Guitars (aka “the Clubhouse”). Though three builders in a 650 square foot shop sounds like tight quarters, these entreprising luthiers are pretty creative about maximizing their space.

“The shop is a very dear space to me – a place where guitars are built, sure, but in this collective environment, friendship and family has also been cultivated between its members,” she tells us. TunaTone’s instruments are pretty unique: She focuses on just two models – the Teeny Tuna and the Barituna – both of which evoke the classic, mid-century stylings of a Silvertone or Danelectro but with thoroughly modern and custom appointments.

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