#FJFest: Benjamin Paldacci Guitars

Benjamin Paldacci takes us on a quick tour of his Québec City workshop for FJFest. Ben builds exquisitely crafted flattop acoustic guitars featuring bold details and sleek lines. He incorporates thematic elements into his appointments — headstocks, rosettes, inlays — drawing inspiration from a multitude of cultural sources. He builds five different models of flattop: a 12-fret 00, an “Auditorium” model, a dreadnought-sized guitar that maintains the rounded look of his other models — neither a square-shouldered nor slope-shouldered instrument — as well as a nylon string and what he’s taken to calling a “Small OM.” Ben was also kind enough to point us at a great introduction to his Small OM made by the good folks at Eddie’s Guitars in St. Louis, MO.

#FJFest is the Fretboard Journal‘s way of staying connected during these difficult times: Expect to see never-before-seen shop tours from guitarmakers, unique music performances and a ton of beautiful instruments on a daily basis throughout March 2020 and beyond.

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