Blake Mills & Chris Weisman at the Fretboard Journal

A few days after Blake Mills accompanied Joni Mitchell at Washington’s Gorge Amphitheater, he and musical partner Chris Weisman stopped by the Fretboard Journal headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The duo performed three songs from Blake’s 2023 album, Jelly Road: “Suchlike Horses,” “Unsingable,” and “Wendy Melvoin.”

Their gear setup was rather unique: Blake used a rare Rolf Spuler Paradis (on “Suchlike Horses” and “Wendy Melvoin”) and his Duncan Price fretless baritone on “Unsingable.” He confessed during our podcast interview on the same day that this was the first time he ever attempted to sing while playing the fretless guitar. Meanwhile, Chris played a Godin Multiac. Both guitars went through separate Boss GP-10 units and then into two amps that we had at the office with line-outs – a Humphrey Espresso 15 and Garnet Revolution II – that doubled as monitors. The line-out signals went into our recorder.

Recorded June 13, 2023, just before Blake and Chris embarked upon a short West Coast tour.