Fretboard Summit 2024 Updates: Blake Mills, Valerie June and more

Happy to announce some truly special updates to our 2024 Fretboard Summit at Chicago’s legendary Old Town School.

On Friday, August 23, we’re bringing back two very special artists who attended our earliest version of the Summit way back in 2015: Blake Mills and Joe Henry. Each will be performing a full set that evening. Expect surprises. The last time Blake played for us, he and Bill Frisell did a duo for the first time ever…an unforgettable Bob Dylan cover.

On Saturday, Colin Hay (Men at Work) will be performing courtesy of our friends at Collings Guitars.

And on Sunday, the incredible Valerie June will be headlining. Beyond those names, we have a whole second theater where even more eclectic programming does down, including Adam Levy & Rich Hinman; Ryan Richter; Jake Eddy; and others.

As amazing as those names are, the Summit is about a lot more than just concerts. We’ve got over 70 exhibitors lined up for this year’s event. Included are favorites like Martin, Taylor, and Collings; pedal makers (JHS, Chase Bliss and others); amp builders; luthiers (acoustic and electric) and others. Just like the pages of our magazine, we’re celebrating the old, the new, the acoustic and the electric.

We’ve also got hours of workshops, concerts, networking events, and parties lined up. There will be a special session celebrating the lifetime achievements of luthier extraordinaire Dan Erlewine; the return of the Summit Science Fair; and whatever else we can cram into 72 hours in Chicago.

Register now at fretboardsummit.org. All-access passes will sell out.