Podcast 459: Ryan Richter

For the last several years, Los Angeles-based musician Ryan Richter has served as a touring guitarist for Dijon, Ryan Beatty, Lizzy McAlpine and others. Years ago, he was also one of the Fretboard Journal’s earliest employees.

Ryan recently released his first solo project – a fascinating one-track, 20-minute long album called “As Good A Place As Any (No Hard Feelings)” – and on this week’s podcast, we hear all about it.

Ryan tells us about how this multifaceted composition came to be (with a little help from a rolling capo ad on social media), the gear that he used on it, his touring rig with Ryan Beatty, the LA guitar scene today, working with Mason Stoops, the perils of hot vocal mics, and so much more.

“As Good A Place As Any (No Hard Feelings)” is a beautiful and unique debut project and we hope you’ll check it out.

Ryan’s album on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3K291dCwsQ9OJeCyv0VK4u?si=3e18abbab2ab4d32

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