The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 79

It’s the 79th episode of the Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast: Red plating tubes, amp rattles, Louisiana hayrides, bad advice, coaster brakes, and Blues Juniors!

This week’s episode is sponsored by Jupiter Condenser Co.Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars.

Some of the topics discussed this week:

:59 Reverb tank bag surprises

2:09 Recommended NYC repair techs? the case of the missing Telefunken GZ34

3:52 Dickey Betts’ Bassman head

6:39 Schroeder’s Shoe Repair in Sacramento

8:31 Skip’s old band, New Departure

14:38 The Truth About Vintage Amps Patreon page; Discord coming soon!

19:07 The TAVA Big Index Page

19:14 Amp horror stories for our Halloween episode?

22:13 What to do with a busted Blues Junior? Dumble’s Tweedle Dee amp at Emerald City Guitars

27:22 How does Fender’s 6G15 wet signal work?

30:24 What to do with a 1983-ish Fender Concert 2×10 and a ‘81 Pro Reverb?

38:04 A Fender Twin Reverb with one red-plating 6L6

42:27 Masco MA-25N tremolo idea: A Danelectro/Silvertone 6AU6 circuit?

44:49 ’50s Fenders with underpowered power transformers; clipping the C3 cap in a Blues Junior, soldering guns, and single-amp speaker driven reverb

1:01:11 A Hickok tube tester up for grabs, still; a TEAC A7010 reel-to-reel

1:02:56 Negative feedback on a 1968 Fender Princeton

1:07:57 An Ampeg Gemini II roadtrip; troubleshooting a rattle

1:16:03 The soundman’s pencil hack; Make magazine; Rust magazine

1:20:10 Don’t listen to Neil Young; the interactive volume control on a Tweed Deluxe

1:23:00 Re-creating the Louisiana Hayride in Norway: What kind of PA should I get? (YouTube link)

1:29:36 Skip’s Bob Will’s PA

1:32:29 Tommy Tomlinson’s mystery amp, a Rickenbacker M-15; Ray Massie; Baxandall circuits; Magnatone Triplex

1:37:37 Insulating input and output jacks on builds (and when not to insulate)

1:41:43 A Stage Right tube amp blowing a fuse; replacing diodes

1:45:37 Putting a Tweed Vibrolux circuit in a non-reverb Silverface Princeton

1:48:00 Getting Earl Yarrow or Louie Garcia on TAVA

1:54:25 Amps with a pre-amp tube mounted to a circuit board and power tubes mounted to the chassis; Gibson GA-20T, Epiphone Century

1:56:33 Replacing a broken tone pot on a Filmosound 385

2:02:55 The end of our lo-fi era; Skip’s new Shure MV7

2:04:48 Mike Watson’s 6L6s (link)

Co-hosted by the Fretboard Journal’s Jason Verlinde.

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Above photo: Lupe’s signature thanks to listener Øystein (@ronningsrep). Below: Tommy Tomlinson loading his amp (mentioned at 1:32:29 on this week’s show).