The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 12: Johnny Bregar

Welcome back to the Truth About Recording & Mixing Podcast, hosted by Crackle & Pop!’s Johnny Sangster.

In this episode we speak to Johnny Bregar about his recording studio “The Brickyard” on Bainbridge Island.


01:00 Listener question about Steve Turner’s guitar setup on the recording of The Warning.

06:00 Listener question about podcast aggregating

09:30 Welcome Johnny Bregar

11:00 Early days, getting into recording. “Buy Osmonics”

15:00 Making the switch to full-time recording

17:00 The local “regular” studio owner, who’s coming in, the job of the producer

24:30 Getting it wrong, making it right

28:40 Producing, capturing someone else’s vision while being the one-stop shop

35:45 How do you know when you’re the right or wrong person for the job

43:30 More on the Brickyard Studio, the “no control room” layout

51:00 A dead space, adding ambiance using UAD’s Ocean Way processing and other reverbs to compensate

55:00 Getting performances

01:05:00 Changing chords, changing lyrics with the goal of improving the song as a producer

01:10:40 Listener question about home recording and capturing acoustic guitars

01:20:00 What about recording books?

01:25:00 Go to acoustic guitars signal path

01:31:00 Mic’ing up your upright piano?

01:38:00 New discoveries in sound, boundary mics, tuning pianos and other studio ownership joys. DUST!

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The Truth About Recording & Mixing is a bi-weekly podcast produced by the Fretboard Journal magazine, loosely based on our Truth About Vintage Amps podcast.