The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 78

It’s the 78th episode of the Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast: Speaker installation tips, more pizza hacks (thanks Pillsbury), ¬†special Patreon guest Mike Watson (the 6L6s) and more.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Jupiter Condenser Co.,¬†Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars.

Some of the topics discussed this week:

:41: Lots of cool amps at Skip’s: The 44th Fender Tweed Tremolux, a Twin Reverb with a 7355 tube chart
2:46 Putting a tremolo circuit in a Masco MA-25N PA head
6:16 A pre-amp for a pro harp player with high-and-low impedance in-and-out
6:57 Shure sends Skip an MV7 USB podcast microphone (link); this week’s sponsors: Amplified Parts, Grez Guitars, Jupiter Condenser Co.
10:25 Get an old typewriter
11:43 The TAVA Patreon Page (link)
12:57 Special Patreon guest: Mike Watson of the 6V6s (Ep. 60, Chris Siegmund, Signal Corps. Amplifiers, Western Electric 100F, Garnets, Marsland speakers, putting two Filmosounds in a Gibson GA-79 cabinet, speaker-driven reverb, Fender VibroChamps, mojo, Swampdonkey amplifiers, a Stromberg Carlson AU-33 with reverb and tremolo, Albert Johnson of Johnson Amplifiers).
[Editor’s note: It looks like Chris Siegmund passed away last year.]
37:42 Fretboard Journal refrigerator magnets (not happening); TAVA t-shirts (happening!)
40:48 Favorite good goo for getting wax off early ’70s Fender eyelet boards
42:02 Replacing caps on an Ampeg Rocket R-12/J-12
46:34 #mywifehatespodcasts
48:17 A 1993 Fender Blues DeVille that needs a new input jack
51:30 British rock connections, the Stones and Muddy Waters, Selmer Futurama amps (link)
59:17 The Bardwell & McAlister PA gets a new home
1:00:14 DIY: A Gibson Vari Tone circuit in an El Pato can (Make magazine)
1:00:57 Tips for amps flooded in Hurricane Ida
1:03:57 Lab series amps / Dan Pearce
1:04:29 Speaker installation tips
1:12:04 A 1978 Fender Champ with red plating tube and a solid state rectifier for the 5y3
1:22:38 Pillsbury Pizza dough, Nic Grabien
1:27:07 A solution for the loud Traynor YBA-1: the YBA-1 Tribute and the YBA-1 Mod 1; the Traynor Bass Mate
1:31:15 Ampeg Reverberocket R-12 R with 120k phase inverter plate resistors; Bunnahabhain 12 year Scotch; Little Kings beer

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Above photo: The schematic (almost) for listener Alex’s Ampeg.¬†