The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 66

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Skip takes a fall, but still manages to help you troubleshoot your tube amps. Plus: Our long-awaited Deluxe schematic primer, recommended short stories, obsolete bass lures and more.

1:33 Skip and the haystack
5:30 This week’s sponsors: Grez Guitars, Amplified Parts (Watch Josh Yenne demo a Grez Mendocino here.)
9:57 Jason’s new podcast on makers and creators: Sweep the Floor (Apple Podcasts link); plus: The Truth About Recording & Mixing podcast (Apple Podcasts link)
12:35 The new issue of the Fretboard Journal (link)
16:54 A 1965 Ampeg G-12 with screeching reverb; a Silvertone 1484 with a rusty transformer, eddy currents
26:59 Is it worth restoring a Tweed Tremolux that works but has all-new caps and resistors?
34:34 The Johnson Silver Minnow
36:12 Putting Bozak audiophile speakers in a guitar amp, making a hi-fi into a guitar amp
43:06 Taming a Bogen PA head-turned-5C3-Deluxe style amp
47:33 Is canned salsa the circuit board amp equivalent of  Mexican food?, Diana Kennedy
53:06 Two nearly-identical 1960 5G9 Fender Tremolux amps… one sounds way better. Why?
1:01:13 Potential guest: Roy Rogers
1:02:39 What to do with asbestos in your amp?
1:05:50 Goldentone amps, redux, and a music recommendation (Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s “That’s Inside of Me” Spotify link); get Mat Fitzwilliam’s Goldentone amp book here
1:08:27 Taming a Fender Blues Deluxe reverb with a reverb volume control box
1:13:05 Baxandall tone stacks in a 1972 Traynor YGM-3
1:18:26 Skip’s Deluxe schematic walk-through, part one (Robrobinette.com has the 5C3, 5E3, etc. schematics you may need here)
1:31:52 Skip’s literary pick: Tim Gautreaux’s ‘Same Place, Same Things’

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Above: The two 1960 Fender Tremolux amps owned by listener Scott, one of which sounds better than the other.

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