Luthier on Luthier: Dan Erlewine

Dan Erlewine literally wrote the book on guitar repair: He’s the author of The Guitar Player Repair Guide, which was first published in 1990. A well-worn, dog-eared copy of that book is always close to my bench and it’s how I first learned guitar repair. (I bet it taught many of this podcast’s listeners, as well.) Over his 50-year career, Dan developed many of the methods luthiers use today and he never shied away from taking on the most challenging repairs.

For the 52nd episode of the podcast, Dan tells us about his career as a touring musician, opening for some of the biggest acts in the late ’60s. He also discusses the guitars he built for Albert King and Jerry Garcia, his time at Stewart MacDonald, some of his toughest repairs, his favorite tools, and his new signature model DE-11 guitar made by the Iris Guitar Company.

This episode is sponsored by Allied Lutherie, Dream Guitars and American Music Furniture.