Podcast 319: Anthony da Costa

This week, Jason reaches out to singer-songwriter Anthony da Costa, who is quarantining in a Nashville apartment with an ever-growing array of rack mounted gear, guitars, synths and (possibly) a spinet piano. Da Costa goes in-depth on the art of co-writing songs remotely via Zoom and talks about his recently-released What Plans? album on Bandcamp, a sprawling project that featured over 20 special guests (including Madison Cunningham and Molly Tuttle).

We of course chat Collings Guitars, too (Anthony is a huge fan). It’s an enlightening, fun chat with one of the FJ’s favorite young singer-songwriters.

Follow Anthony via his Bandcamp page.

This episode is sponsored by Mono Cases, Folkway Music and Retrofret Vintage Guitars.

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Above photo: Jacqueline Justice.