The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Truth About Recording & Mixing, hosted by Crackle & Pop!’s Johnny Sangster. This week we talk with engineer Jack Endino on the wonders and pitfalls of analog tape, capturing acoustic bass and many other topics. Johnny also gives a demonstration of mid-side recording.

Some of the topics discussed on this episode:

1:45 Listener question: Getting “bigger” drum room sounds from a basement studio
5:45 Listener question: Using electronic drum kits in a studio workflow
9:05 Johnny gives a little history and demo of mid-side recording
18:20 Jack Endino! What’s happening in the end times?
21:20 SnackMaster dehydrator & the joys of tape machines
23:40 Early Seattle hip-hop remasters
25:50 Listener question about ’70s albums and tape hiss.
30:45 Satin Noise Tape Simulation plug-in (link)
32:30 15IPS vs 30IPS and the joys of analog tape.
43:30 Listener question about recording acoustic bass
46:50 Other mics for bass and dynamic mics on vocals
50:30 Distorted vocals
52:10 Recording DI of electric guitars
55:45 Mixing in the box?
59:10 Listener question about using a TAC console for summing
1:03:30 Foraging mushrooms
1:10:40 Listener question about using a room mic for electric guitar recording
1:20:00 Jack Douglas recording Steve Tyler with a shotgun mic
1:22:00 Ribbon mics
1:24:00 Where to spend your money: mic or mic pre?
1:26:35 The band Failure’s Fantastic Planet … and home recording
1:28:20 Current home recordings and improving the sound at the source
1:35:40 Drum replacement software
1:37:00 Jack’s musical projects

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