The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 15: Steve Dawson

Welcome back to the Truth About Recording and Mixing brought to you from Crackle & Pop! Studio in Ballard, Washington. This episode is features multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Steve Dawson. Steve is an accomplished musician (seven Juno awards!) and producer  known for his work in Zubat & Dawson, Birds of Chicago, and numerous other bands. He’s also the producer and host of the essential Music Makers & Soul Shakers podcast. This conversation tells his story of coming up in the Vancouver music scene in the ’90s to his current home in Nashville. We also dig into some of his techniques for capturing a band in a room.

0:00 – Welcome back

01:55 – Listener feedback on overall level of the podcast

03:05 – Listener question on mics for recording singers, traditional and non traditional

07:29 – Welcome Steve Dawson

12:00 – Steve’s formative years in Vancouver BC

17:20 – Zubat & Dawson, Great Uncles of the Revolution

21:30 – Bruce Fairbairn

25:25 – the Factory years leading into

35:25 – The Henhouse Studio

44:35 – Touring life with Birds of Chicago & Matt Anderson

49:00 – Pandemic times & remote setups

56:00 – The Henhouse Express – a fully remote recorded song in one week.

60:00 – Steve’s upcoming releases – touring in these late pandemic times.

68:36 – The Henhouse Hang, a recording seminar at Steve’s in Nashville.

72:00 – Steve’s approach to a session with a full band. Mic techniques for upright bass, drums, a singer with a guitar, mandolin & fiddle.

79:00 – upright bass!

86:00 – a brief aside on the Spectra 610 compressor

90:00 – recording a singer with guitar

95:00 – mandolins (and fiddles)

100:08 – Steve’s podcast Music Makers & Soul Shakers

Gear mentioned:

Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina
Neumann M49
Neumann KM84
Coles 4038
RCA 44
Royer 121
AEA 44
Demeter Mic Pre / compressors
Rolls Summing Box
Chandler TG-2
API 512
Spectra Sonics V610
Spectra Sonics 600
Spectra Sonics 712 Amp

Thank you for listening to the Truth About Recording & Mixing. Please keep sending us your questions (voice memos are great!) to podcast@fretboardjounal.com