Sweep the Floor: Matt Codina

Musician Matt Codina took up leatherworking as a simple way to pass the time with a bandmate. Then, it took over his life.

On today’s Sweep the Floor, we talk to Matt (Codina Leather) about his love for vintage belts and guitar straps, the unlikely acting debut  – playing Scotty Moore in Heartbreak Hotel – that he landed thanks to his Instagram feed, and learn how that job ended up giving him the stability he needed to become a full-time leatherworker. Codina is currently based in Las Vegas, where he handcrafts vintage-inspired leather goods including belts, guitar wraps, and guitar straps. He tells us about his process, how he sources old (and new) parts for his belts, and about how one of his creations ended up being worn by Clint Eastwood throughout Eastwood’s 2021 movie, Cry Macho. It’s a wild ride.


Sweep the Floor is a new podcast hosted by FJ publisher Jason Verlinde where we celebrate the stories behind the best makers in the world, including woodworkers, brewers, bootmakers, mechanics, designers and all points in-between. Some of them will have nothing to do with music… but all will be fascinating.

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Music: Paul Rigby

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