Podcast 432: George Gruhn

George Gruhn will need little introduction to most Fretboard Journal followers.

George is, quite simply, one of the most respected vintage instrument authorities in the world and the owner of Gruhn Guitars, one of the best guitar stores on the planet. So why, at the age of 78, did he want to take a stab at creating his own guitar line? “I want to have fun,” he tells us. “And fun means designing new items, doing things that are meaningful… I did this because, while the world does not need more clones of Martin, Fender or Gibson, there is space for something that is new…but it needs to have a reason to exist.”

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Gruhn about these new guitars, which he’s dubbed the Versitar line. We hear about how his guitar creations have evolved from the Tacoma instruments he designed decades ago; why he decided to build his own guitar factory in Lebanon, Tennessee; and why there may be more models coming…and a dealer network beyond his own store. We also hear about his favorite tonewood combinations on these instruments, his take on the vintage instrument market in 2023 and so much more.

I’ve spoken to Gruhn numerous times over the last 20 years and I’ve never heard him quite this excited. I hope you enjoy our chat.

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