Podcast 433: Adam Levy

This is one of our favorite interviews to date: FJ contributor, guitarist, singer-songwriter and educator Adam Levy joins us for a very special interview about his new trio record, ‘Spry,’ his new book with Ethan Sherman (‘String Theories’) and so much more.

Adam recounts stories of growing up in California and watching his grandfather, George Wyle, serve as a musician and music director on TV shows. He talks about his first Hollywood session, taking lessons from Ted Greene, working alongside Norah Jones (and writing his first song, ever, for her), playing with Tracy Chapman, working at Guitar Player (and how his guitar once ended up on the cover of GP), working on ‘Spry,’ the art of titling instrumental tracks, and so much more. Adam also shares a bunch of insights from his new book with Ethan Sherman, ‘String Theories,’ which we can’t recommend enough.



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Photo: Erika Kapin