Podcast 411: Cameron Knowler

Take a deep dive into the music of Norman Blake and the evolution of flatpicking this week with Cameron Knowler!

Knowler, a musician, writer and educator, tells us all about his incredible self-published book, Guitars Have Feelings Too. We learn about Cameron’s singular upbringing in Arizona (including how he was “unschooled” for most of his youth) and hear about how a random encounter with Norman Blake’s music as a teenager forever changed his life. We also get his thoughts on the difference between old time and bluegrass music, the perils of flatpicking contests, how to horse trade instruments with your heroes, and so much more.

Knowler is the FJ’s newest contributor and in our 52nd issue, he pens a lengthy interview with Phoebe Bridgers’ guitarist Harrison Whitford. We’re happy to announce that Knowler will also be teaching the music of Norman Blake at the 2023 Fretboard Summit alongside Bob Minner.

Order your copy of Guitars Have Feelings Too here.

Click here to download an exclusive preview of the book. 


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