Podcast 358: Bob Minner on Norman Blake

Norman Blake turns 84 this week. To celebrate, we’re joined by guitarist Bob Minner who is about to release an entire Normal Blake tribute album, From Sulphur Springs to Rising Fawn (Engelhardt Music Group). Minner, longtime guitarist for Tim McGraw and FJ contributor, recruited a who’s-who of virtuosos on the album, including Mike Compton, Chris Eldridge, Vince Gill, Trey Hensley, Kenny Smith and Tim Stafford. It’s a gorgeous album.


During our chat, we talk to Bob about the project, his visits to Norman’s house, the vintage guitars used on the project, and the Martin that Norman is currently excited about (it may just surprise you). Plus a lot more…

Whether you’ve been inspired by Norman Blake like countless others or you just want to hear about this unique American treasure (and all the cool instruments he’s championed), you’ll love this chat.

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