Podcast 404: Bruce Guitars

This week, Micah Bruce (Bruce Guitars) joins us to talk about the 2023 Fretboard Summit guitar giveaway and so much more. Bruce does a bit of everything: Electric builds, acoustics, repair and restoration. Speaking to us from his new shop space in Ohama, Nebraska, he recounts his early days in the guitar industry when he landed a job at Collings in Austin, Texas. We then talk about his time at Allison Guitars and Moniker and his decision to set up his own shop and work for himself. It’s a candid look at the realities of the guitar industry and the life of a solo, largely self-taught guitarmaker.



Now the big news: Micah will be building a custom guitar that one lucky 2023 Fretboard Summit attendee will get to take home.

Check out his current offerings: https://bruceguitar.com/build and tell us what you think the ultimate “Fretboard Journal” Bruce guitar would look like. Send your comments, ideas, and secret Brazilian rosewood stash GPS coordinates to podcast@fretboardjournal.com.

And come see Micah and over 40 other great guitarmakers at our 2023 Fretboard Summit. All-access tickets are on-sale now. Lutherie-showcase only (no concerts, no workshops) tickets will be available soon.

The Summit takes place August 24-26, 2023 at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music. https://fretboardsummit.org/

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