Podcast 392: Darrell Jennings of American Music Furniture

Many of us are methodically checking the water level on our Christmas trees right now. Are you also checking the humidity around your guitar collection? Hopefully, you are, as winter can wreak havoc on acoustic (and electric) guitars.

On this week’s podcast, we pick the brain of Darrell Jennings, founder of American Music Furniture. Darrell is a lifelong instrument collector who has spent the last several years creating the ultimate guitar storage solution. We talk about proper guitar storage during the winter months, the importance of humidifying your guitar room, and so much more.

During our talk, Darrell offers suggestions on simple ways you can hydrate your guitars at home, and even tells us about some affordable systems that allow you to monitor your room’s humidity and temperature while traveling. We also talk about the work that goes into American Music Furniture cabinets, the technology that they employ, and a lot more.


Some of the products also mentioned in this episode:

Dampit Guitar Humidifier (Amazon link)

D’Addario Humidipacks (Amazon link)

Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer monitor (Amazon link)

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