Podcast 387: Uberfrank Guitars and Daniel Marcus Clark

A little over a month ago, UK guitarmaker Richard Waddell (Uberfrank Guitars) shared photos of his latest creation to Instagram: an electric baritone guitar built for musician and friend Daniel Marcus Clark. This wild instrument – featuring a unique offset body, a Charlie Christian pickup in the neck, a three-pole bass pickup, dual outputs, a built-in capo system, and even a secret compartment in the pickguard – made guitarists around the world take notice.

On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to Richard and Daniel about their collaboration. We discuss the original inspiration for the body’s shape (a vintage Coral Hornet), Daniel’s unique live rig, the unlikely hinge that made the secret compartment work, the ideas that didn’t make it into the finished guitar, plus a lot more.

Daniel Marcus Clark’s new album, I’ve been thinking, is available now on Bandcamp if you want to hear this guitar (and musician) in action. https://danielmarcusclark.bandcamp.com


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