Podcast 222: Singer-Songwriter David Wilcox

A lot of acoustic guitarists have a favorite pickup that they install on their instruments. Singer-songwriter/guitarist David Wilcox has closer to ten… and he uses them all at the same time.

On this week’s podcast, we talk to David about his very unique method for amplifying and recording his guitars, including the use of numerous pickups and mics (Joe Mills, Sunrise, McIntyre Acoustic Featherand others!). We also talk about his signature model RainSong guitar and his forthcoming order with acclaimed luthier Jason Kostal.

Beyond all the gear talk, David walks us through his Custom Songs program (where he takes commissions from fans to write songs specifically about their lives), the fateful moment that inspired him to take up the guitar and a lot more.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Lee Valley Tools, Retrofret Vintage Guitars and Lowden Guitars.