Podcast 374: Luthier Judson Riviere (Riviere Guitars)

On today’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we introduce you to a young guitarmaker at the very beginning of his career, Asheville, North Carolina-based luthier Judson Riviere. Fresh out of high school, Judson enrolled himself in the Minnesota State College Southeast’s Guitar Repair and Building program (a.k.a. simply as Red Wing). He then dove deep into guitar repair work for Steve Mason in Kansas and, for the last two years, has apprenticed under acoustic guitarmaker Jason Kostal in Arizona.

Judson is finally ready to start building guitars under his name. We talk about the skills he’s learned along this journey, how Red Wing turned him into an acoustic guitar fanatic, what the apprenticeship for Jason Kostal looked like, his own guitars, and much more.


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