La Conner Guitar Festival 2019

For the third year in a row, luthiers and guitar fanatics from around North America converged upon the sleepy town of La Conner, Washington for the La Conner Guitar Festival. Though the festival is ostensibly a showcase for acoustic guitar luthiers, there are now workshops, clinics and concerts taking all weekend long, all over the town’s main street. And after-hours parties – some involving the builders we’ve showcased in our pages – seem to happen with regularity. There aren’t many guitar shows where you get to experience a sense of community like this. It’s quickly become one of our favorite shows.

Not surprisingly, the 2019 La Conner Guitar Festival was filled with gorgeous guitars. Builders included former FJ subjects like Cris Mirabella, Linda Manzer, Steve Andersen and Circle Strings; younger faces like Sam Guidry and Mark Gaiero; and legendary veterans like Charles Fox, Bryan Galloup and Steve Klein. Below are some highlights.