Fretboard Journal Meetup at Old Style Guitar Shop, September 16, 2016

As we gear up for the 2016 Fretboard Summit in San Diego, the Fretboard Journal found itself in Southern California on a quick recon mission. While down there, a plan was hatched for a couple of reader meetups, some emails and Facebook posts were made to our subscribers and, before we knew it, a pair of parties were in full swing.

We held our September 14, 2016 meetup at the immense (and beautiful) Stone Brewing in Esondido. Guitar show & tell was in full effect, a few luthiers showed up (including Pepe Romero, Jr. and Taylor’s Tim Luranc), Pepe’s dad (famed classical guitarist Pepe Romero) and uke star Daniel Ho performed, and some great beers were consumed. The next night, we headed north to the amazing little LA guitar store, Old Style Guitar Shop. The turnout was great but we still found time (and space) to eye some great instruments for sale. Square footage be damned, this tiny shop is packed to the gills with a diverse array of vintage electrics and acoustics. We even spotted a Fletcher Brock 12-string guitar on its walls.

Here are some highlights from our night at Old Style. Guests included session legend Bob Bain (also featured in the FJ #36), frequent contributor Adam Levy (who played an amazing short set with drummer Jay Bellarose), new guard players such as Mason Stoops and plenty of rare and cool instruments.

If you want to be privy to future FJ meetups, simply subscribe and we’ll notify you when an event comes to a town near you. And, if you want to earn bonus points and host a local meetup, drop us a line and we’ll try to make it happen. Better yet, meet us at the 2016 Summit and join hundreds of other vintage and handmade instrument fanatics from around the world.